Wednesday, April 24, 2013

About TDI Yuri Pairings

Yeah, I'd like to speak about yuri pairings for Total Drama characters. First off, as some of you know, I'm a fan of yuri. Why? Because both sides in the pairing are females, plus a small portion of my 18+ pics are yuri anyways. I've seen many, but I've thought of what seems to be the most fitting for the TDI girls. I warn you, though, some of the stuff you will read may be offensive to you. Here they are.:

1. First off, I'd like to start off with HeatherxLindsay. Why? Well, back in the first episodes of the first season, Heather, Lindsay, and Beth formed an alliance, even though the rules are severely uneven. What does this have to do with the pairing? Well, Heather and Lindsay are both hotties even though Lindsay's mentally disoriented (Four years in 8th grade and sometimes forgets names), and Beth, well, she looks like a potato that's wearing glasses and fabric. Also, Lindsay has G-cup breasts (I use UK measurements) while Heather has D-cup breasts (like Bridgette), so chances are, Heather would have Lindsay as her "cow" since Lindsay would have a lot more milk.

2. Secondly, let's go for Heather and Gwen. This would be the second biggest female-to-female rivalry between any of the TD characters, #1 being the rivalry between Heather and Leshawna. Yeah, Gwen's the hottest in my book, both in TDI females and cartoon females in general. Of course as big of a rivalry as there already is between the two, they would make a great yuri pairing. Now for those of you who like bondage, you know BDSM, right? Well, if you do, you know how dominatrices are like top dog and subs are like servants. Well, I made two polls about who is the most dominative and who is the most submissive. 20 of 76 people said that Heather is the most dominative TDI girl, no surprise there unless if Heather's dealing with Leshawna. Of course to my own surprise, 19 of 98 people said that Gwen is the most submissive. Imagine Heather having Gwen as her own sex slave.

3. Next, there's GwenxBridgette. What can I say, the two are best friends, I think. Also, their facial structure looks very similar: Relaxed eyes, horizontal noses, and half-crescent lips. Of course Bridgette, for a hot chick, is somewhat underrated.

4. Now you may be thinking about GwenxCourtney. Yeah, they're the two hottest chicks in the series, and they both have a rivalry with each other, which of course is Courtney's biggest rivalry. Of course since Courtney has DD-cup breasts and Gwen has C-cups, Gwen would have more milk from Courtney than Courtney would from Gwen.

5. Oddly enough, there's LindsayxBeth. yeah, it ain't popular, but it's very fitting since Lindsay and Beth were best friends in the series. Of course I consider it to be odd since Beth's a potato and Lindsay's a hottie. Also, Lindsay got Beth incarcerated since Lindsay's as smart as a walnut. Of course since Beth was raised in a farm, aka rural land, it'd make complete sense if Lindsay was Beth's ponygirl.

6. Now what about KatiexSadie. Yeah, it's a stupid thought at first, but what can I say? They're as addicted to each other as a Twitard would be with Twilight. Now if they were a yuri couple, maybe Katie would get more attention. Seriously, Katie and Blaineley are hotties who are seriously underrated. Funny thing, I had thoughts of Katie being a sex slave to Sadie. Of course since Katie's hot and Sadie's a potato, I could see why I thought of it.

7. Anne MariaxZoey: Now there's the biggest rivalry in the fourth season of Total Drama. The main reason for the rivalry is Mike/Vito, but this journal wasn't supposed to give a crap about him. Now let's take a look at those two. Anne Maria is based off of Snooki. Zoey on the other hand may as well be the hottest TDROTI chick. What's funny is, Anne Maria's like 180 lbs, yet she isn't a potato. Then again, since Anne Maria and Snooki have similar properties, chances are Anne Maria will go as far as having sex with Zoey. Of course chances are Zoey would most likely be Anne Maria's servant in a sexual relationship.

Well, there ya have it.

Monday, April 22, 2013

More Poll Results

Well, another poll reached it's 100th vote today. The poll asks what TD girl would be the most submissive and here are the results.:

1. Gwen: 20 (Rather surprising, but then again, Gwen most likely has a bondage fetish.
2. Lindsay: 14
3. Zoey: 11
4. Dawn: 9
5. Anne Maria: 8 (Well, she's basically like Snooki.)
6. Courtney: 8
7. Izzy: 7
8. Heather: 6 (I think she's a smidge more rebellious than that.)
9. Dakota: 4
10. Bridgette: 3 (Once again, the hot hippie gets ignored.)
11. Sadie: 3 (Really? A potato?)
12. Eva: 2 (*puke cascade*)
13. Leshawna: 2 (Uh-uh. Ain't no way Leshawna rolls like that! No sir-ree!)
14. Beth: 1 (Great, go for the potatoes while Katie, Blaineley, and Bridgette are ignored.)
15. Blaineley: 1 (Lazy people.)
16. Sierra: 1 (I guess Cody voted for her.)
17. Jo: 0
18. Katie: 0 (How many people ignore her?)
19. Staci: 0 (Because she won't shut up, a dude has Chris place a ball-gag into Staci's mouth in his strip-poker fanfic.)

Well, there you go. I hope you vote on the other polls, especially the brown poll (it needs at least 50 votes.) and the poll at the top (it's actually a bit more important than the others).

Q: What Do You Get When You Place Lindsay Near Holes?

A: Lindsay in a box with two, hand-length cocks. Seriously, look.:

By the way, the cocks are Tyler's and Beth's (Futanari for the win!)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Colored Sketch

Yeah, I went ahead and colored a sketch created by a dude named "KidNoob". Here it is.:

 main image

I personally cannot tell whether the white stuff is the milk from their tits or cum that shot from somebody's cock after a double-titjob, probably because some of it is on their faces. With all honesty, I think the best yuri pairings for Heather are either HeatherxLindsay (two hotties in an alliance) or HeatherxGwen (Gwen and Leshawna are both Heather's arch-rivals, but Gwen's hotter). Lindsay on the other hand, she'd be useful with Heather (Once again, the alliance) or Beth (since they're "besties"). Eh well, enjoy the show.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

May Gwen Be Of Your Service?

Look at that face. Look at that body.:
Now wouldn't that be something you'd like to fuck? She's helpless, lonely, waiting for an intercourse. She's even asking you to fuck her. This also applies to females:
Now wouldn't you like to insert your dick inside her? What about grinding pussies? Maybe finering? Spanking and whipping? Do whatever you want, she's your slave.

By the way, these are .png images. Lol.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nice Line. XD

Yeah, I encouraged a Rule34 user named Maskarade to make a modification to Gwen's line in one of my pics. Here it is.:

Yeah, she does need a female to make love with, preferably Heather or Bridgette.

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Poll

Yeah, I made a new poll. This time, the poll doesn't ask for anything about the TD girls or about bondage. This poll is asking about a website I could use in case servers get disconnected with the internet. The site that I'm asking about in the poll is the same site that I used to make the poll so you know. Well, I hope I get your responses.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Couple of Nude Mothers

Well, I got a couple of characters from Phineas and Ferb here.

Yeah, this was another commission from that Rbrb34 guy. Of course Vivian wouldn't be my first choice when it comes to cartoon chicks. Honestly, my first choice would be either Gwen, Courtney, or Frankie Foster (even though I've never drawn that dang redhead.). I'm also a fan of Madeline Fenton. Honestly, it's been a while since I watched Phineas and Ferb, but of course Candace would be my first choice when it comes to who to tie up, mainly since her mother, Linda, believes that Candace is off her knocker, hence why she made Candace wear a straitjacket in one of Rysenkari's fanfics (Go Here)

By the way, comments are now opened to everyone, anons included.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Comments Fixed

Yeah, I noticed why I haven't been getting comments from much people. I set the comments on "Registered Users" when it should be on "Anyone". Oopsie-doodle. Well, if you were unable to provide feedback before, now's your chance.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Shower Shenanigans

Yeah, Gwen's rubbing herself big-time here. If that ain't enough, he's recording Gwen with that phone. Go Miami!

By the way, there's a kinky bondage poll on the right side of the page. Vote on it, please? I'm offering to draw the winner, maybe the top six.