Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Thoughts on TDI Girls' Breast Sizes

Yeah, I've had been thinking of this for a while, and, well, here's what I think the breast sizes for the TD girls are. Note that the cup sizes are determined in terms of UK measurements.:

Anne Maria: Large band size, DD-cups
Beth: Large band size, B-cups
Blaineley: Normal band size, D-cups
Bridgette: Normal band size, D-cups
Courtney: Mid-Large band size, DD-cups
Dakota: Small band size, C-cups
Dawn: Normal band size, B/C-cups
Eva (Who looks like a Human/Ganon offspring): Large band size, D-cups
Gwen: Normal band size, C-cups
Heather: Normal band size, D-cups
Izzy: Normal band size, probably D-cups
Jo: Large band size, A/B-cups (A in European measurements)
Katie: Mid-Large band size, B-cups
Leshawna: Extra Large band size, C/D cups.
Lindsay: Small band size, G-cups (J in European measurements)
Sadie: Extra Large band size, D-cups
Sierra: Normal (for her immense height) band size, C-cups
Staci: Extra Large band size, C-cups
Zoey: Normal band size, B/C-cups

Well, there ya go.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Underrated Girl Bondage

Well, there's a few things that you may not be expecting here. One thing would be the females in this pic.:

Much less any of them as shemales.:

This one wasn't discussed with the requester, but I just made that, anyways.:

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Thoughts on Who's The Hottest Total Drama Chick

Well, I thought this through for a little, and well, I'd like to state who I think would be the hottest of the 19 TD girls. Here's my thoughts.

1. Gwen: Yeah, I highly doubt this is disputable.
2. Courtney: Well, it's a simple equation: Cute Girl plus Big Boobs (DD-cup to be precise)=Win
3. Heather: Well, she is hot for one thing. With all reality, I think it's rather disputable whether Courtney or Heather are hotter than the latter.
4. Lindsay: This would also have a low chance of dispute. It's fifth spot and lower where things get disputable. Of course Lindsay has the largest cup size, which happens to be G-cup (UK Standards).
5. Zoey: Another one of these cute girls. Of course Zoey takes the #5 spot for me.
6. Bridgette: Yeah, her facial appearance is almost similar to Gwen's, even though they both have differently-shaped heads. Of course Bridgette's boobs are likely the same size as Heather's (D-cups).
7. Blaineley: I think she's the hottest of the underrated girls. Though I think she stalemates with Bridgette, I'd might as well split this up a little.
8. Dawn: Well, she's a cutie, I'll hand ya that, but I think Zoey's cuter, plus Blaineley and Bridgette are both sexy.
9. Anne Maria: Though I believe she stalemates with Dakota, something about the Snooki business made me put her above Dakota. Of course Anne Maria has DD-cup boobs and hips as large as Katie's.
10. Dakota: Once again, Anne Maria had me. Of course I still think Dakota is hot.
11. Katie: What can I say? She's the shinier shoe of the pair.
12. Izzy: Yeah, rather lowbrow move, but what can I say?
13. Leshawna: Yeah, I think Leshawna is hot for a chubby female. Of course even though Leshawna is basically my 2nd favorite Total Drama character, it's rather doubtful that I'll dream about the chubby.
14. Staci: Yeah, I know she's munchin' up shrooms or something, but I think she's hot for a chubby female also.
15. Jo: Meh, what can I say?
16. Sierra: Well, even though she's as tall as LeBron James (which Vaultman most likely by mistake didn't take into consideration in his bondage set), I don't think she's too attractive. I think she's more around Jo or somethin'.
17. Sadie: Another one of these chubby girls. I don't really have anything to say.
18. Beth: Well, she probably got an appearance that'll most likely get her teased or something, but she's cute for a nerd, a chubby nerd in fact.
19. Eva: Jeez Louise! She looks like as if Jennifer Mosley from Ned's Declassified (Yes, Lindsey Shaw is a good-looking actress, but I'm trying to make a point here) mutated with the King from the CD-I Zelda Games.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

FurAffinity Compatibility Added

Well, you know the request form I've made? Well, now I've added questions asking whether people are from FurAffinity or not also. This would hopefully attract a few FurAffinity users, so yeah.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beaten By A Celebrity

Yeah, Dakota lost to Blaineley in a bondage challenge and here she is, beginning her job as a servant to Blaineley.:

 Also available in Futanari:

So tell me, have I improved in making gag-talk realistic or at least legible? Also, which of these two are better?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Futanari Edit

Yeah, I made a futanari edit. Yep.


New Poll (Multiple Answers Allowed)

Well, I made a new poll. This time, it involves TD girls as sex slaves. In this poll, I'm allowing multiple options since there's than one female that would be useful as sex slaves. So yeah, it's on the right side of the page, so you guys could vote there.

By the way, I voted for Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, and Zoey.

Probably the Most Intense Pic I've Ever Made