Monday, April 28, 2014

Some Dirty Total Drama Headcanons

You know, I've thought up some NSFW headcanons for the contestants of Total Drama a while ago, so why not post them here? Anyways, here they are.

  1. Alejandro's penis might be the longest out of all of the males, being 6 inches long when limp and around 9-10 inches erect.
  2. Amy and Samey may have a lesbian relationship with each other. Samey prefers vanilla intercourse while Amy has a thing for fetishes (excluding the disturbing and violent ones). They decide whether to have sex or have a BDSM session through a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Either way, Samey is the one on the bottom.
  3. Anne Maria may be one of those chicks who has slept with multiple people, be it male or female. Strangely, this seems to add some more of the Snooki stereotype to her.
  4. B's muteness may actually be useful for hiding any relating to the topic of sex.
  5. Beardo actually puts radio talk shows and music over sex.
  6. Beth is heteroromantic, yet asexual. She may be the only female with differing sexual and affectional orientations.
  7. Blaineley actually slept with Josh and Chris. Thankfully, both men used condoms.
  8. Brick may actually wish to keep away from any sort of intercourse, although his "leave no human behind" mentality may lead him otherwise.
  9. Bridgette may actually be bisexual, as she is willing to have a relationship with either Geoff or Gwen. Ninety percent of her sexual encounters, however, was with Geoff.
  10. Cameron prefers not to "do it" with anyone since he believes that sex damages one's academic abilities. He never researched the belief, however.
  11. Cody actually has a perverted side to him. Perhaps he saw pornographic pics of Gwen and the other girls on Sierra's blog.
  12. Courtney is more willing to have a lesbian relationship with Gwen than a relationship with either Duncan or Scott. The only time this headcanon would be headnoncanon (get it?) was when she was ticked off over Duncan's relationship with Gwen.
  13. Dakota actually became to difficult to pleasure with any sex toy. To pleasure Dakotazoid, one would have to use a putter for a dildo, a TV remote as a butt plug, a handheld blender for a wand vibrator, and golf balls for anal beads.
  14. Dave is a virgin due to his pessimism. He never dated anyone either due to his jackassery.
  15. Dawn could actually use her mind to detect sexual thoughts just by the presence of red aura. This helps protect her from unwarranted contact.
  16. DJ is a virgin, whether it's from his own will, or because his mother says that sex is improper. What he doesn't know is he was born 9 months after his parents did it.
  17. Duncan is actually bisexual. That explains all those yaoi pics involving Duncan
  18. Ella prefers singing and broadway musicals over sex. She also has a distaste for pornographic music.
  19. Eva is really the only girl Heather could not dominate. This would put Eva at the top of the food chain when it comes to BDSM.
  20. Ezekiel never knew what sex was since he was homeschooled throughout his entire life..
  21. Geoff's make-out sessions may lead to unintentional intercourse. Seems legit due to the lack of attention displayed during their sessions.
  22. Gwen is a switch when it comes BDSM. She is more on the submissive side, and BDSM is the only thing Gwen is willing to do with Heather.
  23. It's already proven that Harold is perverted. After Total Drama, Harold started searching for pornography on Sierra's blog.
  24. Heather is willing to dominate nearly any girl in a BDSM relationship, even her own mother. Heather's most submissive slaves are Gwen, Lindsay, and Heather's mother.
  25. Izzy's random personality could make any headcanon for her valid. A common headcanon says that Izzy has a bondage fetish, be it in or out of the closet.
  26. Due to rumors claiming that Jasmine's naked body is as sexy as Gwen's bikini body, Gwen challenged Jasmine in a duel involving strip teases. The duel ended in a No Contest notice since the judge they hired was hospitalized after he fell unconscious from excessive nosebleeding. He was Harold.
  27. If JoxBrick happens, I believe that Jo will dominate Brick.
  28. Justin is really bisexual, leaning towards men. The only male he actually attracted during the course of the series is Owen, so this might actually be difficult for Justin.
  29. Katie and Sadie may have a lesbian relationship with each other. Unlike Amy and Samey, they both agree on what to do. Katie would be on top in vanilla intercourse while Sadie would be on top in a BDSM relationship.
  30. Aside from Dungeons and Dragons and RPGs, Leonard actually engage dirty chatroom roleplays. He was banned from one chatroom and blocked by two people because of this.
  31. Leshawna has singlehandedly caused the dissolution of a BDSM party held by Heather. The girls at the party were Beth, Bridgette, Courtney, Gwen, Izzy, and Lindsay; all who were Heather's slaves. The dissolution started when Leshawna shouted "Aww, hell no!"
  32. Lightning's self-consciousness makes it difficult for him to get in a sexual relationship, be it same-sex or opposite-sex.
  33. Lindsay developed a lesbian relationship with Heather while Lindsay was a part of Heather's alliance. This was the strongest lesbian relationship for both girls, and it is my favorite yuri pairing.
  34. Max (Eggplant) never had sex due to his cowardice.
  35. Mike never had sex; however, Vito did. Vito is a part of Mike's body, so Mike physically did it.
  36. Noah is asexual. This is actually caused by his pessimism, although Dave is more of a jackass than Noah.
  37. Owen was verified to be bisexual. I believe that Owen's girl/boy ratio is 60/40.
  38. Rodney would have to let a female sit on his 8-inch cock since he is too large to do it otherwise.
  39. Sam never had sex with Dakota since he didn't believe that he could pleasure a 11-foot beast. Instead, he stuck with dating her.
  40. Scarlett has tried to introduce Max to sex. This, however, failed when Max ran away and hid after she showed Max her tits.
  41. Scott probably would've used the million dollars to hire Dawn and Courtney as maids for a year. This would include Scott's "personal duties". Of course Dawn would obviously reject the idea.
  42. Shawn never did it due to stories about zombies.
  43. Sierra actually has a part of her blog that holds pornographic content from past, current, and future contestants of Total Drama. Makes sense since she already has their dental records.
  44. Sky's tits are actually the smallest, being small to the point in which titfucking her is almost impossible.
  45. Staci claims that her great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandpa Xavier invented sex and claims that the reason why sex was invented was because the cabbages that sprouted babies were dying out.
  46. Sugar would've had sex if the sight of her naked didn't send her ex-boyfriend to the hospital. The diagnosis was a coma caused "by the sight of a frightening being." They broke up afterwards.
  47. Topher would probably tag along with any of Chris's antics, even if it means having his way with Total Drama's girls.
  48. After cumming, Trent's penis would require a nine-minute cooldown period. This coincides with the idea that nine was his lucky number.
  49. Tyler is as good as sex as he is in sports: not at all.
  50. Zoey has engaged in lesbian relationships with Gwen and Courtney. All three girls even had a threesome with each other.
Well, there ya go. If you have any dirty headcanons, feel free to tell me.

Total Drama Build-a-Bondagette: 1st Edition Results

Well, the first Total Drama Build-a-Bondagette set is completed. Here are the pics of the set. Click on each one to enlarge them.:

Well, there ya go. I hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chapter 10 is Up

Well, the tenth and my favorite chapter of Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn is up. In this chapter, a certain prisoner gets bailed out. A large, dark-skinned female became a part of a wrestling event.

As usual, the links to the chapter is in the Fanfiction page. Also, if you have any questions about the story, please let me know.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Next Chapters Are Up

Well, the next chapters are available on Furaffinity and Hentai Foundry. you know, some of you may be wondering why you couldn't find the story on Hentai Foundry. Well, the thing is you have to check the filter settings on the site. Here's what you should do.
  1. Click on the "Filters" button at the far left side of the menu bar. A menu will pop up on the screen
  2. On the menu, make sure that all of the boxes are checked.
  3. If necessary, use the following settings for each of the drop-down boxes in the menu.
    • Nudity: Explicit Nudity
    • Violence: Explicit or Graphic Violence
    • Profanity: Proliferous or Severe Profanity
    • Racism: Strong Racist Themes or Content (or just Racist Themes and Content)
    • Sexual Content: Explicit or Adult Sexual Content
    • Spoilers: Major Spoiler Warnings
The story itself is currently rated for Explicit Nudity, Mild Profanity, Mild Suggestive or Sexual Content, Mild Spoiler Warning, Yuri, Female Nudity, and Other, but this may end up changing in the future. Well, there ya go.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chapter 5 is Here

So yeah, the fifth chapter of Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn is up. Here, a goth girl willingly follows suit to the Inn's systematic retrieval of the Total Drama girls. Ira makes a speech about his view of the art of fashion.

Here's a scene from the chapter:
 And as usual, the chapter is available at Furaffinity and Hentai Foundry.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Daughter Knows Best

You know, there is something odd about this pic. It's that Laney Penn knows about BDSM while her mother knows nothing about it. Maybe it's because she grew up in a time where the Internet didn't exist. Anyways, here's the pic.:

So yeah, here they are.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Chapter 4 is Up

Well, Chapter 4 of Total Drama Universal Restraints is up. I have to say, it's two months old, so it gave me some room to post it shortly after Chapter 3. In Chapter 4, a couple of nature lovers are in for a trip to a park they won't forget. A cameo of a sexy future contestant will turn the tides for the two blonde hippies.As usual, the links are in the Fanfiction page. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chapter 3 is Up!

Well, Chapter 3 is written. Here, you will expect to see Courtney and Heather fall for a trap. Chef is watching from the Inn's security system. Anyways, the links are provided in the Fanfiction page. I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chapter 2 of Total Drama Universal Restraints Inn P1 is Up!

Yeah, I wrote Chapter 2 myself since I was concerned about how Zetastrophenow's/Irrespondible's ADHD would affect his everyday life. It was originally dedicated to him, but I felt that it'd be better on both of our ends if I wrote the parts I dedicated to him myself. Anyways, in this chapter, Zoey becomes the first "special guest" of Universal Restraints Inn. Anyways, the links are provided in the Fanfiction page. I hope you enjoy it.