Friday, March 4, 2016

Analyzing the Ridonculous Race Girls' Breast Sizes

 So yeah, I realized that I never went and measured the Ridonculous Race girls' breast sizes.

Character: UK size/US size/EU size
Emma: C/C/C
Kitty: C/C/C
Tammy: C/C/C
Mary: B/B/B
Ellody: C/C/C
Laurie: C/C/C
Miles: B/B/B
Jen: C/C/C
Kelly:  E/DDD/F
Taylor: B/B/B
Crimson: B/B/B
Stephanie: D/D/D
Carrie:  B/B/B
Josee: B/B/B
MacArthur: D/D/D
Sanders: D/D/D

Well, there you have it. While the girls here have smaller breasts overall (with the majority having B or C-cup breasts) at least breasts still exist. With that aside, I hope you enjoy this reading.

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